About the company

Sam Cable and Chuck Walker began Walker Cable Productions as a moderate budget feature film company, soon going public under the name MSH Entertainment Corporation in the late nineties. The new entity expanded to include music and television. They produced VANPIRES, a live-action/animated action-adventure series which quickly became the number one syndicated children's show on television. Their company also produced the last album by the legendary John Entwistle and “The Who” as well as other headliners such as Sheena Easton and T.G. Shepherd.

The duo has now redirected its interests to motion pictures, having produced a slate of westerns released by Lionsgate including THE MAN WHO CAME BACK in which they partnered with developer Stephen Bowen and soap icon Eric Braeden who portrays the infamous Victor Newman on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. The movie starred Braeden as well as Academy Award Winner, George Kennedy, Emmy Award Winner Armand Assante, Billy Zane, Sean Young and super model Carol Alt. The movie was the number one non-theatrical release in America for its first six weeks. And it stayed in the top ten against all movies, including big cinematic releases, for two weeks…an unusual feat in Hollywood for independent features.

More recently in 2018 the company has focused creating content to be viewed as episodic television initially for the burgeoning OTT Market, most recently producing four episodes of the proposed series INVADED…the story of five teenagers trying to survive after a cataclysmic event in the modern day. Also on tap is a series entitled LONGHORNS AND SIXGUNS, a presentation of classic western movies with a series host who offers bits of information about the films, their stars and the circumstances of their production. The pilot episode has been shot.

Additionally Walker Cable will be providing some production services to the Ronnie King Group for its forthcoming show RONNIE’S ROOM (see News and Updates link above).

Subsequently they have produced a number of direct to video films including A LITTLE CHRISTMAS BUSINESS and RETURN TO VENGEANCE, both with Lorenzo Lamas and Daniel Baldwin. Their film BACKSTABBER won a Platinum Remi Award at the Worldfest Film Market in the thriller/horror category. And in December of 2017 they released BORDER CROSS featuring Danny Trejo. The film is now on virtually all platforms including Walmart, Red Box, Amazon, Hulu, Best Buy, Target, Barnes and Noble, I-Tunes, and a deal has been reached with Netflix.

Walker Cable is currently in final post production with the faith/family film EMAILS FROM HEAVEN and expects to see a release by the third quarter of 2019.

SINCE 2000


Chuck Walker has been involved in the entertainment industry for fifty-five years, starting out as a dancer, then branching into acting and finally to his current position as writer, producer, director.

As a writer he has optioned more than twenty scripts and has produced and directed more than twenty films, including several distributed by Lionsgate. He is considered the creative force in the Walker Cable team.

Chuck has had the pleasure of seeing some of the giants in the industry in his movies including Academy Award Winner George Kennedy, Emmy Award winner Armand Assante, Emmy Award winner and soap icon Eric Braeden, Billy Zane, Sean Young, Carol Alt, Lorenzo Lamas, Daniel Baldwin, Bo Hopkins and many more including Indian film and TV star Elisha Kriis.

And if sports fans find the name familiar, Chuck was a member of the most revered Olympic Boxing Team of all time, participating in Montreal in 1976. As a professional light-heavyweight he was rated as high as number four in the world.


Sam Cable worked in education for most of his early life and then began promoting professional boxing, specifically the fights of eventual partner Chuck Walker. He has been producing with Chuck since 1989, creating and distributing more than twenty films including several handled by Lionsgate.

Sam considers himself the “nuts and bolts” of the Walker Cable production team, forging strategic relationships with companies and individuals to insure that every dollar spent on his films is apparent in the final product and that every prop, person, location, and camera is utilized to the highest degree of effectiveness.

He has taught production for many years and established the ALL MEANS ALL academic scholarship program for “at risk” teenagers in high school.