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Walker Cable Productions is proud to announce that its most recent production, "A LITTLE CHRISTMAS BUSINESS"  is now available on Amazon.com.  This "feel good" holiday entry boasts a cast of Hollywood favorites including Daniel Baldwin, Lorenzo Lamas, Tammy Barr, Bo Hopkins, Leslie Easterbrook, Corbin Timbrook and Gib Gerard.  Making his screen debut is Connor Pryce, an impressive newcomer who plays Baldwin's young son.

The story revolves around Baldwin's character, who is caught up in the turmoil of corporate America, and so busy with his job that he's beginning to neglect family.  His impossible boss has him collecting signatures for a huge project right before Christmas, but in this particular office building a strange pattern begins to unfold: everybody he meets is a character from his past, and soon he begins to wonder if this is coincidence or divine intervention.

A LITTLE CHRISTMAS BUSINESS is available now on Amazon.com Purchase Now


Walker Cable Productions is proud to announce having entered into an alliance with Star Partners for financing the production of the film, "Seven Park Place", a police drama/mystery, centering around multiple kidnappings in New Orleans.

“We are very happy to be collaborating with Allen Schwalb and Star Partners”, says producer Samuel Cable, "They are a reputable company that has funded an amazing portfolio of movies over the course of many years."

Star Partners co-financed films with Warner Bros., Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and United Artist (UA) including movie giants such as the James Bond films, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN and LICENSE TO KILL; the SUPERMAN AND ROCKY franchises; RAIN MAN; MOONSTRUCK; A FISH CALLED WANDA; THELMA AND LOUISE; OVERBOARD; ROADHOUSE; POLTERGEIST III; THE RIGHT STUFF; THE COLOR PURPLE, SPIES LIKE US; OH GOD! YOU DEVIL; LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and many more.

"To be affiliated with a company that has been such an integral part of these phenomenal movies is a great honor", says Chuck Walker.

"Walker's original screenplay with the current working title of SEVEN PARK PLACE was presented to Star Partners and put through an exhaustive review process", says Star Partner's COO, Robert Maerz, "The screenplay rated very high and the decision was made to fund the project for production in 2014."

"This is a very important step in continuing our growth as a movie production company" says Walker Cable Productions executive producer Charles Gilmore, “It represents major progress."

To learn more about Star Partners, please visit our website at www.StarPartnersInc.com. A synopsis for SEVEN PARK PLACE can be found on the Current Projects tab.